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November 8 - 22, 2020


      • Reliable internet...in order to comfortably watch films

      • Computer with sound, smart phone (iphone or android), tablet and smart TV to watch films. 

      • Films are viewable for 48 hours on one single device during the festival dates Nov. 8 - 22.
        (Cannot switch device once a film has started.)

      • One email address to create your account and log-in to buy and watch films

      • Access to one of these internet browsers: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported.)

      • Watch a video with step by step directions on how to log-in and purchase tickets.




2020 Film Festival Trailer

The perfect destination for Jewish Films
every November!

Award-winning international films • Israeli films • Comedies
Film directors and speakers • Engaging discussions

Thought-provoking, entertaining cinema; intriguing new ways
to look at the world; and engaging discussions with film experts

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