Does the War End When the Shooting Stops?
The Psychological Effects of Ongoing Terrorism on Israelis

Zahava Solomon, Tel Aviv University
October 26, 2008, 7:30 p.m.
Trayes Hall, Douglass Campus Center
100 George Street,  New Brunswick

Cosponsored by the New Jersey Israel Commission.

Professor Solomon will present findings from a series of pioneering studies on the effects of political violence on the emotional health, lifestyle choices, attitudes toward peace, and the effects of terror on the moral and emotional development of children and adolescents. She will discuss the complex relationship between political violence and posttraumatic stress disorder and the ways in which it feeds into a vicious cycle of violence and re-traumatization.

Zahava Solomon, a professor of psychiatric epidemiology and social work at Tel Aviv University and the head of the Adler Research Center for Child Welfare and Protection, is a leading scholar in the field of traumatic stress. Her work examines the psychological effects of combat stress reactions and war captivity as well as the Holocaust. She is the author of six books on trauma, including: Combat Stress Reaction and Coping with War-Induced Stress: The Gulf War and the Israeli Response as well as numerous articles on these issues.

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