Fall 2021

Teacher Workshop

Jewish Childhood in KrakowJewish Childhood in Krakow
Thursday, December 2, 4:30 PM

In-Person at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
or Virtually through Zoom

Historian, Dr. Joanna Silwa, discusses her new book, Jewish Childhood in Kraków. The book illuminates Holocaust history from the perspective of Jewish children’s experiences. A focus on children, the symbol of hope and future for the Jews, and a threat to the Nazi racial community, reveals what this age group witnessed and how the Holocaust affected young Jews.


Joanna SliwaDr. Joanna Sliwa, Historian and Archivist, Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany; Veteran MTI instructor and faculty advisor; Author of Jewish Childhood in Kraków (Rutgers University Press, 2021).

Colleen TambuscioColleen Tambuscio, Founder and President, New Jersey Council of Holocaust Educators; Award-winning teacher and pedagogical consultant to the MTI for nearly twenty years.

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