Marian Marzynski

Marzynski“A Child Survivor with a Film Camera”

Marian Marzynski, a Polish Jewish documentary filmmaker, was smuggled out of the Warsaw ghetto in 1942 as a young child. He lived in Poland until the anti-Semitic campaign of 1968, when roughly 13,000 Polish Jews were expelled from the country. He fled to Denmark and eventually came to the United States in 1972. For almost 50 years he has been making documentary films, many times turning the camera on himself. In this presentation, he will talk about his life experience and show clips from his films.

Notes from Marian Marzynski on a few of his films:

  • SKIBET (1970)
    I found myself on the boat in Copenhagen, a temporary housing for some 500 Polish-Jewish refugees who left Poland in the midst of accusations of being “Israeli agents”.
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  • JEWISH MOTHER (1983)
    My mother, who saved my life during the Holocaust, and I traveled to Israel in search of our Jewish roots.
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  • SHTETL (1996 - GRAND PRIX at the Jerusalem Film Festival) 
    An American Jew led me to a Polish shtetl where his parents were born, we meet a young Polish historian who studied pre-war Jewish life and the tragic disappearance of the Jews, 60% of the town’s population.
    Full film in two parts.
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    In Berlin, where the memorial to six million murdered Jews of Europe is being built, I met young people and discussed with them the question of German guilt and responsibility.
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    At the Child - Survivors of the Holocaust Conference in Warsaw, I met five other children who escaped the Warsaw Ghetto. Together we told the story of our parents' heroism and righteousness, and the betrayal of our neighbors and of surviving the solitude of our childhood.
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