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April 1

Monday, April 12, 4:30 PM
Yiddish: Biography of a Language

Jeffrey Shandler, Distinguished Professor of Jewish Studies at Rutgers, discusses his new book.

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The most widely spoken Jewish language on the eve of the Holocaust, Yiddish continues to play an important, vibrant, and evolving role in Jewish life—from Hasidim for whom it is a language of daily life, to avant-garde performers, political activists, and LGBTQ writers who turn to it for inspiration.

Jeffrey Shandler tells the story of Yiddish, offering insights into the dynamic relationship of the language with its speakers and their culture. Join us for a conversation with Shandler and literary scholar Josh Lambert, Wellesley College, to explore this new book.

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Yiddish Lives--and Jeffrey Shandler Writes its Biography: A new study depicts the life, near death and inspiring revival of the language of Ashkenazi Jews
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