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July 14

New Jersey Teachers Participate in Intensive
Holocaust History Seminars

The Herbert and Leonard Littman Families Holocaust Resource Center

Seventy-five middle and high school teachers from New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, and New Delhi, India, participated in four days of virtual training in Holocaust education at Rutgers. Featuring an introductory seminar on the history of the Holocaust and an advanced seminar focused on gender and trauma, this free annual program offered educators both the historical knowledge and pedagogical skills to teach future generations about these crucial topics.

Highlights from the ProgramSummer MTI

  • Teaching about Antisemitism: Challenges and Strategies
  • Exploring the history of the Holocaust in Ukraine, the Nazi rise to power, and the experiences of women and LGBTQ communities
  • Using diaries and testimonies as primary sources in the classroom to help students understand the impact on individuals
  • Meeting the N.J. mandate to teach about the Holocaust and the state's newest mandate to teach about LGBTQ history
  • Employing resources: Salvaged Pages: Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust and My Name is Sara, film based on the experience of Ukrainian survivor Sara Goralnik

Read more about the seminars here.

Teachers Reflect on Their Experiences

"This week’s sessions have inspired me to incorporate more perspectives in my Holocaust lessons."
—JamieLynn Bazydlo, Long Branch Middle School

"The Bildner Center never disappoints and always provides the best information and pedagogy for teachers. Thank you for this opportunity!"
—Karen Titus, Freehold Township High School

The Master Teacher Institute in Holocaust Education (MTI)
is an important component of the Bildner Center's mission of prejudice reduction and outreach to the broader community.

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