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RendsburgThe oldest legible, intact Torah scroll sheet known to exist—a vital link to the founding documents of Judaism—was purchased by the Library of Congress for the public’s benefit, with help from Professor Gary A. Rendsburg, the Blanche and Irving Laurie Chair in Jewish History at Rutgers. The story of the Jews’ flight from Egypt is contained on the sheet, which was written in Hebrew on vellum in the Middle East during the tenth or eleventh century CE.

Link to lecture at Library of Congress by Professor Gary Rendsburg:

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Also of interest:

Rendsburg BookProfessor Rendsburg’s recent book How the Bible is Written (Hendrickson Publishers, 2019)
Book information

Professor Rendsburg's review of the new translation of the Hebrew Bible by Robert Alter
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Movies of Jewish Interest:

Catch up on the best in Jewish films while staying at home.

Film LinksRecommended movies on Video On Demand that were shown in the Rutgers Jewish Film Festival:

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