Passover begins next week, and we invite you to prepare for the holiday with the resources below, related to the Haggadah and its history. We share a few of our favorite Passover recipes at the bottom of the page. Wishing everyone a sweet and healthy holiday.

HagaddotThe Sarajevo Haggadah, Yale University Library Collections Professor Gary Rendsburg gives a lecture on the Haggadah through the ages. 

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Professor Azzan Yadin-Israel writes about connecting the Mitzvah of Maggid to the Seder night.

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A gripping account of the rescue of the Sarajevo Haggadah by Geraldine Brooks:
The Book of Exodus: A double rescue in wartime Sarajevo


View beautiful illuminated Haggadot at Yale University's online Judaica Collection

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A few of our favorite Passover recipes:

From Professor Nancy Sinkoff, Vincent Hodgins's Moroccan Spiced Gravlax, via Mark Bittman, The New York Times.

From Karen Small, two Passover cookie recipes.

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