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May 15

This week, we showcase Jewish studies undergraduate and graduate student research at Rutgers, including a thesis on mental health in Russian Jewish immigrants and a talk on Jewish experiences in displaced person camps. Also, listen to a program on lost-and-found Soviet Jewish songs.

Student Profile:Fradkin

Read a Q&A with Dina Fradkin '20 about her thesis “The Beliefs About Psychological Services Amongst Russian-Jewish First Generation Americans".

Watch a video to learn more about her theses:

willard kyleDanielle Willard-Kyle: AJS Dissertation Talk

Danielle Willard-Kyle, PhD candidate in history at Rutgers, worked under teh supervision of Yael Zerubavel, professor emerita of Jewish studies and history and Belinda Davis, professor of history. She discusses her dissertation: "Living in Liminal Spaces: Refugees in Italian Displaced Persons Camps, 1945-1951" at the Center for Jewish History on May 19. Click here for more information and to register.

Yiddish GloryLast Yiddish Heroes

A rediscovered trove of Soviet Yiddish music, collected in the 1940s and forgotten until the 1990s, evolved into a Grammy nominated CD. Learn more about the music in a program hosted by the Bildner Center in March 2019.

Last Yiddish Heroes: Lost and Found Songs of Soviet Jews during World War II

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