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June 26

MTI Summer Seminar:
History of the Holocaust: Resilience and Rescue

This summer’s introductory seminar for teachers, an online program of the Master Teacher Institute (MTI) in Holocaust Education, will run from June 29–30. We look forward to welcoming an international group of educators, including teachers from India, France, and Ukraine.

Meet the Instructors

We are delighted to have two distinguished, veteran instructors lead the virtual seminar.

Joanna SliwaDr. Joanna Sliwa is a historian of the Holocaust and Polish Jewish history and an archivist at the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. She has been involved for many years with the MTI as both an instructor and a faculty advisor.

~ Read an article by Joanna Sliwa about the lives of children in the Kraków Ghetto in Jewish Families in Europe: 1939–Present, edited by Joanna Beata Michlic (Brandeis University Press, 2017).

Colleen TambuscioColleen Tambuscio, founder and president of New Jersey’s Council of Holocaust Educators, is an award-winning teacher who has served as the pedagogical consultant to the MTI for more than fifteen years.

Exploring the Topic through Film

no place on earthThe first day of the seminar will focus on the Holocaust in Eastern Europe, including issues of survival and resilience raised in the film No Place on Earth, winner of the audience choice award at the Rutgers Jewish Film Festival in 2013. The program will feature a Q&A with Chris Nicola, the spelunker who helped the the story of survivors who hid in caves in the Ukraine during the Holocaust.

arms of strangersThe second day will explore rescue and resilience during the Holocaust, employing the academy award-winning documentary film Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport as a resource.

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