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August 7

Media and Migration in Uncertain Times

News literacy in the digital age, misinformation and online extremism, and new perspectives on migration were the focus of the recent advanced seminar for teachers, an online program of the Master Teacher Institute (MTI) in Holocaust Education.

Meet the Presenters

Peter Adams is senior vice president of education at the News Literacy Project, a national education nonprofit offering nonpartisan, independent programs that teach students how to analyze critically what is true or false in the digital age. Peter Adams
Adam Strom is the director of Re-Imagining Migration, an organization that understands migration as a fundamental characteristic of the human condition. The nonprofit works with educational leaders and social organizations to develop and sustain inclusive and welcoming communities. Adam Strom

International Educators

55 participants • 4 countries • 8 states • 37 NJ school districts

Meet Myriam Benhamou, an educator from Strasbourg, France, who has participated in the MTI summer seminars for three consecutive years.

Thank You to Our Donors

The Bildner Center’s professional development programs for teachers are presented under the auspices of the Herbert and Leonard Littman Families Holocaust Resource Center, with additional support from the Marjorie and Egon Berg Holocaust Education Fund and Christine and Steven B. Boehm, RC'75.

Egon Berg, RC'59, whose family fled Nazi Germany for Africa, talks about why Holocaust education is so important to him.

Save the Date • Virtual Film Programblackkklansman

A panel discussion about Spike Lee's film BlacKkKlansman featuring Ron Stallworth, the Black police officer who infiltrated the KKK.

August 26, 2020, 7:00 PM

Details to follow.


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