What participants say about the MTI:

“The teaching of tolerance must be made a priority if our learning community’s cultural diversity is to remain one of our strengths.”

 - Zhanna Pikman Rilof

“It was an honor to participate in the program. [It] was intellectually stimulating and rich in resources … the project enabled me to put into practice theories and curricular ideas I have been developing for a number of years.”

 - Perri Geller-Clark, Moorestown High School

“Having had the opportunity to meet and work with people who already have curricula and professional development programs in place has helped me immensely. The MTI has been a wonderful experience.”

- Frances Flannery

“The invited scholars who lectured in the Rutgers MTI have impacted me significantly: by enhancing my knowledge of the history of the Holocaust and inspiring me to think more broadly about pedagogy and more deeply about student acquisition of knowledge.”

- Christopher Gwin


Interviews with teachers: