Gene R. Hoffman Student Interns

A generous gift from Gene R. Hoffman has enabled the creation of a variety of student internships at the Bildner Center. Hoffman also provided the funding to develop the Center’s Jewish Studies Online program, which offers free non-credit courses on a variety of topics. The Hoffman intern is assigned to a specific project each year.

Holocaust Resource Center Intern

The Holocaust Resource Center trains educators about the Holocaust and provides educational materials to teachers, students, and scholars. The program is designed to enhance public awareness of the Holocaust and promote discussion of racism, genocide, discrimination, and the importance of protecting human rights. Our HRC interns help organize materials for the Master Teacher Institute seminars and workshops. They assist the HRC staff with communications to the educators, and gather and organize resources that can be shared with participants of the program.

Rutgers Jewish Film Festival Interns

The annual Rutgers Jewish Film Festival is a two-week festival that is held every fall. The festival features international films and special guests, including film directors and scholars. The festival is attended by over 6,000 members of the Rutgers community and the general public each year. Our festival interns help to research films, organize content for advertising, and assist in executing the festival.