The Bildner Center was honored and delighted to host Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on Monday, November 16 on the Rutgers campus. New Brunswick Chancellor Richard Edwards welcomed him to the university and addressed the importance of this discussion for Rutgers. Rabbi Sacks’s inspirational talk to an audience of 500 students, faculty and community members addressed the topic of his new book Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence. This timely and important subject left a deep impact on our campus and community, particularly in the wake of heightened tensions in Israel and the Middle East, and the tragic events in Paris.

See slideshow of photos from the event.

The following day the New York Times published

The following day the New York Times published pdf an Op-Ed column by David Brooks about Rabbi Sacks and his new book .

NPR’s Robert Siegel interview with Rabbi Sacks

Recording of Rabbi Sacks’s talk at Rutgers University: