In the News (2008)

New Jersey Jewish News:
pdf On Becoming a Jewish Novelist (49 KB)
12/16/08—Award-winning author Dara Horn discusses history, inspiration, obstacles.

New Jersey Jewish News:
pdf Rutgers Dean asks why gentiles rescued Jews (94 KB)
11/06/08—Lecturer examines neighbors’ behavior during the Holocaust.

Home News Tribune:
pdf Festival aims to inspire dialogue on Jewish life (55 KB)
11/06/08—The ninth annual Rutgers New Jersey Jewish Film Festival features a provocative mix of documentaries and features from across the globe.

New Jersey Jewish News:
pdf Salita and Foreman:  A Renaissance for Jewish Boxing? (66 KB)
10/30/08—Foreman and Salita are more than just boxers: they follow an Orthodox-Jewish lifestyle that includes observing kashrut and refraining from participating in their livelihood on Shabbat...Boxing historian and author Mike Silver sees them as throwbacks to a time when tough Jews were a constant presence in the squared circle, a period from the early 1900s to the late 1940s.

New Jersey Jewish News:
pdf Expert urges joint effort to 'green' Middle East (44 KB)
10/21/08—Dr. Arie Nesher, professional director of the Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University, said shrinking natural resources will harm both sides unless jointly addressed.

New Jersey Jewish News:
pdf Diversity Training Held in Slain Reporter's Name (54 KB)
10/21/08—At a diversity workshop held Oct. 16 at Temple B’nai Shalom, teachers heard lectures, shared ideas, and viewed a documentary about a coffee cooperative in Uganda farmed by Christians, Muslims, and Jews.  The Herbert and Leonard Littman Families Holocaust Resource Center was one of the sponsors of this program.

New Jersey Jewish News:
pdf Progress in Christian Jewish Ties (54 KB)
10/07/08—Christian relations with Jews have undergone a dramatic positive change since the middle of the last century, spurred by reaction to the Holocaust, the creation of Israel, and evolving church attitudes.  Still, the relationship remains complicated, with attitudes varying among the different denominations of Christianity and Judaism and Jews unsure how to respond as respected equals after many centuries of Christian persecution. These topics were explored in a program with an interfaith dinner and presentations by two clergy, a priest and a rabbi, engaged in interfaith affairs.

New Jersey Jewish News:
pdf Expert charts military's weight Israeli society (65 KB)
09/18/08—Yoram Peri, head of the Rothschild Caesarea School of Communication and the Chaim Herzog Institute for Media, Politics and Society at Tel Aviv University, explored the new turn in “Israeli Politics: the Military and Civil Society."

New Jersey Jewish News:
pdf On-line Jewish Courses Attract Global Audience (135 KB)
Learning devotee funds Rutgers cyber-studies
08/07/08—Two articles about the Jewish Studies Online courses: one about the courses themselves, the other about the generous donors, Gene and Adele Hoffman

New Jersey Jewish News:
05/29/08—Two visiting Israeli professors, Meir Buzaglo and Roni Stauber, presented an overview of the metamorphosis of relationships between Israel and Jews of the Diaspora — from the early days of the state when the Holocaust and Jewish life outside Israel were downplayed to the current acceptance of Jewish history and diversity.
Rutgers Focus:
03/27/08—People from all over the world are taking classes in Rutgers' Department of Jewish Studies. And they are doing it from the comfort of their own homes, without having to register for class, pay tuition, or even provide their names.
New Jersey Jewish News:
03/13/08—Comic caricatures and cartoons in the Yiddish press were pivotal in helping masses of Jewish immigrants to address political and social concerns and adjust to life in America. Edward Portnoy — speaking March 4 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, where he will be teaching Yiddish language and literature next semester — said the images were "enormously important" as tools for furthering assimilation.