USC Shoah Foundation, Visual History Archive Online

Established by Steven Spielberg in 1994, the USC Shoah Foundation has recorded more than 54,000 video interviews with Holocaust survivors and other witnesses. USC Shoah Foundation’s mission is to overcome prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry-and the suffering they cause-through the educational use of its visual history testimonies. These testimonies have been digitized and indexed and are now accessible to educators, students, and researchers all over the world.

Rutgers provides access through its libraries to the full range of testimonies housed in the archive.

Currently, eighty-eight testimonies that were given in New Jersey are publicly available.

Click the name to view testimonies of New Jersey residents who were survivors of the Holocaust.

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Interviewee Name Date of Birth Country of Birth Interview City
Arthur Adler 3/18/1926 Germany Bergenfield
David Adler 7/28/1928 Hungary Westwood
Erna Anolik 12/15/1923 Czechoslovakia Cherry Hill
Mila Bachner 3/15/1927 Poland Passaic
Claire Beim 3/7/1926 Germany Morristown
Salomon Birenbaum 11/16/1926 Poland Oradell
Ernest Bokor 8/21/1920 Czechoslovakia Edison
Adam Boren 11/15/1929 Poland Rumson
Claire Boren 7/8/1938 Poland Rumson
Randolph Braham 12/20/1922 Romania Forest Hills
Leon Burzynski 4/14/1925 Poland Woodbridge
Alex Chevion 7/21/1924 Poland Livingston
Esther Clifford 12/5/1920 Germany Cranbury
Henry Dressler 10/22/1919 Germany Monmouth Beach
Demetrius Dvoichenko-Markov 7/10/1921 Greece Long Branch
Rosa Feiler 3/12/1916 Russia Elmwood Park
Eva Foti 10/25/1930 Hungary Union
Irene Frank 5/2/1927 Germany New Milford
Henry Frankel 6/16/1924 Poland North Bergen
Eugene Fried 8/18/1926 Czechoslovakia Cranbury
Lola Fuchs 2/4/1928 Poland Ocean
Maria Glickman 12/31/1924 Poland Springfield
Erika Gold 1/4/1928 Germany Leonia
Fanya Gonsky 3/15/1928 Poland Englishtown
Barry Gourary 2/10/1923 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Montclair
Dorothy Grinims 2/16/1925 Poland Jersey City
Mark Grinims 1/1/1921 Poland Jersey City
Joseph Grossman 3/12/1933 Poland Colts Neck
Johan Grun 3/7/1921 Denmark Alpine
Hana Gruna 6/18/1919 Czechoslovakia Hackettstown
Irena Guadagno 9/26/1923 Poland Trenton
Enid Henson 5/2/1927 Poland Alpine
Joseph Horn 11/15/1926 Poland Glen Rock
Helena Horowitz 6/13/1926 Poland Teaneck
Benjamin Hurewitz 1/14/1914 Russia Fairlawn
Abraham Jachzel 11/17/1923 Poland Fair Lawn
Bernard Jacoud 5/30/1918 Russia Union
David Jordan 3/17/1915 Austria-Hungary Haworth
Paul Katz 3/15/1930 Poland East Brunswick
Eva Kimel 6/19/1931 Poland Teaneck
Ruth Kissinger 10/26/1929 Germany Teaneck
Eda Klepfisz 11/8/1921 Poland Glen Rock
Aplonia Koedam 12/26/1915 Netherlands Wycoff
Laure Kolb 5/11/1925 Germany Panamas
Sharon Kopyt 11/15/1927 Poland Vineland
Clara Kramer 4/9/1927 Poland Elizabeth
Leslie Lefkovic 5/21/1920 Czechoslovakia Cranford
Elsbeth Lewin 7/4/1924 Germany Princeton
Abraham Melezin 6/29/1910 Russia Teaneck
Bernard Meller 5/5/1922 Poland South Amboy
Edward Mosberg 1/6/1926 Poland Morris Plains
Murray Pantirer 6/15/1925 Poland Hillside
Therese Plawker 12/9/1935 Belgium Englewood Cliff
Jack Pomerantz 5/5/1918 Poland Short Hills
Esther Raab 6/11/1922 Poland Vineland
Irving Raab 1/10/1918 Russia Vineland
Matys Rosengarten 12/24/1919 Poland Dumont
Helena Jonas Rosenzweig 4/25/1925 Poland Colts Neck
Sulia Rubin 5/22/1924 Poland Saddle River
Eva Safferman 4/15/1928 Poland Fairlawn
Solomon Salat 6/11/1926 Poland Elizabeth
Norman Salsitz 5/6/1920 Poland Springfield
Klara Samuels 10/26/1927 Poland West Orange
Cela Sarna 11/22/1924 Poland Englewood
Rose Schachter 12/15/1921 Russia Teaneck
Erna Schenkein-Trocola 3/21/1921 Germany Hillsdale
Richard Schoen 7/28/1914 Austria-Hungary Manalapan
Ida Schwarz 12/2/1921 Poland Plainfield
Barbara Simon 2/15/1924 Hungary Manalapan
Sonia Sklaver 1/5/1925 Poland Fair Lawn
Eli Sommer 4/2/1919 Poland Fairlawn
Edward Spett 6/2/1928 Poland Wyckoff
Fred Spiegel 4/21/1932 Germany Howell
Louis Stepak 1/1/1915 Russia Vineland
Paula Tencer 3/14/1925 Poland Fort Lee
Sigmund Tobias 11/26/1932 Germany Teaneck
George Topas 11/3/1924 Poland Lakewood
Yehoshua Trigor 7/1/1921 Lithuania Deal
Sol Urbach 10/25/1925 Poland Flemington
Lucette Valensi 6/10/1936 Tunisia Princeton
Judith Velencei 2/26/1932 Hungary Dover
Robert Wagemann 5/23/1937 Germany Fairfield
Miriam Weiss 5/12/1927 Poland Long Branch
Walter Weiss 2/23/1923 Poland Fair Lawn
Leon Wells 3/10/1925 Poland Closter
Edith Wertheim 9/4/1916 Austria-Hungary Fort Lee
Albin White 8/25/1914 Russia Englewood Cliffs
Paul Zell 12/14/1924 Austria East Brunswick