Articles in the News 2012

pdf (112 KB) Bringing the Lessons of the Holocaust to the Classroom
October 2012  For one intense week in June they were among a group of 25 middle and high school teachers that gathered at Rutgers to study, discuss, and learn new ways of teaching their students about a daunting and difficult subject: the Holocaust.

New Jersey Jewish News
pdf (212 KB) A debate over portrayals of Orthodox women
10/3/2012 A program at Rutgers University on feminist art in Israel took an unexpectedly contentious turn when audience members began debating the sometimes negative portrayal of tradition in work that depicts religious Jewish women.

New Jersey Jewish News
pdf Educators hone techniques for teaching about Shoa pdf pdf
7/5/2012 High school teachers gather at Rutgers to advance their own education about the Holocaust.
New Jersey Jewish News
5/7/2012 Alvin Rockoff was remembered April 22 as a man devoted to his family, the Jewish community, and all things Rutgers. Speaking at a lecture series he helped establish, university leaders described a philanthropist with the ability to listen, counsel, and lead and whose determination helped set a course for what became Rutgers’ Allen and Joan Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life. Rockoff, a businessman and Rutgers alumnus, died Oct. 27 at age 84.
1/30/2012 — Gosnell's return coincided with the launch of the new master's program in the Department of Jewish Studies in the School of Arts and Sciences. The M.A. curriculum offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Jewish experience from ancient times to the present.

Articles in the News 2011

Rutgers Focus
pdf Teaching Yiddish gets Modern Spin at Rutgers (71 KB)
12/06/2011 — Three times each week, a handful of Rutgers students come to play their part in keeping alive a language that was supposed to have become extinct generations ago, but stubbornly refuses to die.
pdf An Alter-ed Perspective on the Bible
(124 KB)
12/02/2011 — Robert Alter sees problems in translations, stating "broadly speaking, one may say that in the case of the modern versions, the problem is a shaky sense of English and in the case of the King James Version, a shaky sense of Hebrew."
New Jersey Jewish News
pdf Film Depicts Priest Caught Between Two Worlds
(58 KB)
11/28/2011 — Israeli filmmaker Ronit Kertsner’s documentary Torn tells the dilemma of a man who found out about his Jewish heritage 12 years after becoming a Catholic priest and came to Israel to study the religion of his biological parents.

New Jersey Jewish News
pdf Rutgers Event Links Hatred of Jews and Muslims (128 KB)
10/21/2011 — A program on stereotypical portrayals of Jews and Muslims drew an unusually diverse crowd “Going Viral: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and the Role of the Media,” which featured an Arab-American academic and a Jewish specialist on anti-Semitism.
Rutgers Focus
pdf For Rutgers Interns, a Chance to Learn and Convey History’s Impact (85 KB)
10/14/2011 — The Lipper Internship Program sends college students like Weiner and Burzichelli into schools throughout the northeast United States with a message of tolerance and co-existence.

New Jersey Jewish News
pdf Famed architect's vision links Sept. 11 and the Shoa
(37 KB)
9/21/2011 — A week after the 10th anniversary of 9/11, architect Daniel Libeskind told a Rutgers audience how his master plan for the former World Trade Center site and his design for the Jewish Museum Berlin aimed to fill the voids left by the almost unimaginable loss of life.
pdf Ground Zero Memorial planner visits campus
(45 KB)
Daniel Libeskind, master planner of the Ground Zero Memorial, and James Young, professor of English and Judaic studies at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, came together to discuss architecture as a civil art in public spaces.
New Jersey Jewish News
3/28/2011 — Prof. Eddy Portnoy, an instructor of Yiddish language and literature at Rutgers University and an expert on cartoons in the Yiddish press, and Robert Mankoff, cartoon editor at The New Yorker, examine how Jewish messages and imagery have changed since the late 19 century.
Rutgers Today
4/1/2011 — Humor in the early editorial cartoons during the formative years of the Yiddish press in the late 19th and early 20th century, also was meant to stimulate thought, but it was far from subtle, according to Portnoy.
New Jersey Jewish News
3/23/2011 — Responding to student demand, Rutgers University will next year inaugurate the state’s first master’s degree program in Jewish studies.
New Jersey Jewish News
New prof joins department
3/23/2011 — Dr. Jonathan Gribetz will join the Department of Jewish Studies at Rutgers University as an assistant professor.
Rutgers Today
3/10/2011 — Department of Jewish Studies offers the only program in New Jersey that confers a bachelor’s and now a master's degree in this area of academic study.
Rutgers Today
2/22/2011 — No topic has been as personally jarring as the suffering of the Romanis, a nomadic people also known as Gypsies, during the Holocaust.
1/31/2011 — There are three major obstacles on the road to conflict resolution and reconciliation, and ultimately to a better future for all parties involved: The desire to win, the need to be vindicated and the quest for retribution. While being rooted in intrinsic human urges and needs, they are irrevocably futile and counter-productive. All three impediments are flagrantly exposed in the mounting tensions around BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice group's activities on campus and the reactions they invoke. Unfortunately, instead of dialogue and understanding, animosity and misconstruction rule while ineffective means and bad counsel defeat good intentions.